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What We Do


As an economic promoter, we specialize in project planning, development, and marketing for commercial developments. We offer support in the form of help and advice to local companies for company expansion and modifications. We also accompany investors from the selection of a location through to the realization of project ideas. As a development company, we provide consulting services to business founders and their successors in our own start-up center and offer guidance when it comes to administration and institutions. Project development is just as much part of what we do as land recycling.


Project Development

WAS Project Development comprises all necessary planning steps for the conception of predominantly large-scale projects. This involves location selection according to the requirements of the project to be planned, ownership claim clarification, financing planning, profitability calculations, and acquiring knowledge of the applicable building laws and the market situation. In addition, risk calculation for all involved parties as well as searching for investors are also aspects of what we do.


Land Recycling

As with any recyclable product, unused space, such as plots of land whose original purpose has long been forgotten, is reincorporated into the economic cycle and made usable again. This particularly pertains to closed industrial areas and commercial areas with contaminated land: we ensure that structures are rebuilt, contaminated land is cleaned up, soil is decontaminated, legal issues are clarified, investors are found, and development plans are created.


Our Services at a Glance:

  • Project planning, development, and marketing of commercial real estate
  • Support for local companies for business expansion and modification
  • Investor consulting from selection of a location to realization of project ideas
  • Support and consulting for business start-ups/follow-ups in independent start-up centers
  • Guidance in the field of administration and institutions
  • Project development
  • Land recycling
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