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Bad OldesloeBad Oldesloe
We are Stormarn.

BAD OLDESLOE Beste- and Trave-City

Bad Oldesloe

Decision for Stormarn


Locational advantages in Bad Oldesloe - business parks on the A 1 /A 21

Bad Oldesloe - a town that sets a standard
With 25,000 residents, Bad Oldesloe is the district town in the strong economic district of Stormarn and forms the natural midpoint between the Hamburg metropolis and the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. With a successful infrastructure, a lovingly-restored historic old town and its position in the middle of a dynamic landscape, Bad Oldesloe sets a standard.


Attractive location for business
The district of Stormarn, including the town of Bad Oldesloe, is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in which more than 5 million people live. It is the goal of the metropolitan regional concept to promote further progress in this shared economic area and labour market.

Bad Oldesloe’s special locational advantages guarantee its integration into this thriving growth region. Its direct connection to the A 1 and A 21 motorways and the B 75 und B 208 highways ensures quick access not just to neighbouring economic regions but also to nearby recreational areas along the North Sea and Baltic coasts. One visible result of the success of business here is the large number of business parks that have opened on the outskirts of the town.

To the west of Bad Oldesloe, there are business parks right by the A 21/B 404. Another business park is situated close to the A1 motorway to the southeast of the town. The advantage of this site is that it is situated only approximately 1,5 km from the Bad Oldesloe exit off the A1 motorway. The presence of prominent companies such as Hako, the manufacturer of cleaning equipment with its plant and head office; Minimax, the fire protection company; Aspen Europe GmbH, the global pharmaceutical concern and the distribution centre for Michel Toys, the wholesaler of gifts are a clear sign of the thriving development of Bad Oldesloe as a business location.

Excellent transport links:

Autobahns A 1, A 20, A 21, A 24
A 1: Puttgarden - Lübeck, Hamburg, continue to Berlin (A 24)
A 20:Rostock, Stettin
A 21 / B 404:Kiel - Schwarzenbek - Lüneburg

Hamburg - Lübeck connection


Ferries and ports
Lübeck: Ferries to Denmark, Sweden and Finland
Kiel: Ferries to Sweden, Norway and to the Baltic States Hamburg

Business premises in figures

B-Plan No. 79 B-Plan No. 86 - Expansion
::  Area designation GE GE
::  Parcelling of land as required Yes Yes
::  Available  immediately immediately
::  Price (fully developed) on request on request
::  Corporation tax rate 370 % 370 %
::  Surface area index max. 0,8 (sometimes less) 0,8
::  Floor space index 1,0 -
::  Building height max. 12,0 (sometimes less) 11,0

Special features:* exceedancesare possible by way of exception

Full information available to download:

For more information, please contact:

Mommsenstraße 14
23843 Bad Oldesloe
Telephone: +49 (0) 4531 12 72 - 0
Fax:          +49 (0) 4531 12 72 - 20

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